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Your words. Matter.

Our limiting belief is so engrained in our everyday lives, that it’s hard to take notice of it. That’s why the first step in this process involves recognising the limiting belief. Limiting beliefs sound like this-

“I’m not good at money management”

“I can’t write a book b

ecause I did not have formal training”

“I don’t have what it takes to become the best manager”

“I can't multitask or manage time. It’s always been this way and I can't change it”

Take a pause. You see what is wrong with that? Now, let's say this in a way that is not limiting and make it better-

“I'm working on improving my money management habits”

“I'll just write three times a week and see what happens ”

“I've certain strengths that I bring to the table and I will work on my people skills to get better.”

“There must be another way to prioritise activities and be more efficient”

Sounds better, right? Shift in thinking is a starting step. Choosing the right words to tell yourself matters. Choose them wisely.

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