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Do you feel like a fraud?

Do you feel like a fraud?

Several of us, at some point in our lives, felt like every accomplishment ever made is just a fluke and someday people are going to find out — we felt out of place or felt like we don’t belong. And we conditioned our minds to self-deprecate and downplay our abilities. This is good old imposter syndrome.

By eliciting these feelings, we will not only self-sabotage but also go down the spiral. With my own personal experience and through the research for my book, Clueless at 30, here's how you can overcome:

⭐ Self motivating talk to the mirror -> "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the genius in the room? Me. Me. Me." OR "You are a badass and ready to kick some ass. Fist bump!"

⭐ If you feel “I don’t deserve X” -> change it to: “I’m really grateful for X”

⭐ Create your own 'fraud crew.' Every time you feel crappy, talk to a trusted circle or buddy who will talk you out of your distress. And you do the same.

Ultimately, others will believe what we believe about ourselves - it speaks in body language and attitude. In the end, just so you know, you are worth it! You deserve all the good things. Take it.

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