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'Step' growth for your career.

Success is not a linear curve. It is a step 📈.

When we talk about growth or success we think it will happen at a constant and consistent rate; it sounds like a straight line heading up and to the right. In reality, we are just connect the dots to make a straight line and linear. The way you change your life is in short bursts, or Cambrian Leaps (The Cambrian explosion is the most rapid growth stage in the evolutionary history.). In our career, we would have periods of amazing stagnant and flat periods where there isn't much action. What could make you succeed every time is, during those periods of stasis, you are doing bold, unconventional things, that could lead to the big Cambrian Leap where you can possibly experience rapid growth.

Meaning, avoiding putting your time into projects which don’t have the potential to create a Cambrian Leap. Instead of getting sucked in for marginal improvements or small increase in your payout or sales growth, you should be focusing on goals or projects with Cambrian Leap potential. And this requires patience. Here are few ways to do it:

👉 Ask yourself, is this goal or project unconventional, which will multiply, not just add, to the end result?

👉 Change your business model or disrupt your tasks that is the same

week after week which are usual and mundane with small increments.

👉 Take a weekend project and follow your curiosity to learn something new rather than putting 20 hours looking for something with a moderate upside.

Now, you can’t know if every move/ project could be a Cambrian Leap, but as long as you believe that has the potential to be one, just dive right in. Moreover, while you are in the middle of a stasis period of building something unconventional, people around you seem to be making marginal progress and that may create anxiety in you. Stay at it. This is your best chance to make every project succeed.

Play the long game. Play to multiple your upside.

PC and CC: TaylorPearson

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