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Leader Unlocked

I have superpowers and I know it. But there is a villain in my superhero story. The villain is my mind. My mind is full of nagging thoughts that is holding me back from achieving my full potential. 


If this is you, then the "I want to be a woman leader" is for you.

To begin with, do you find yourself in a similar predicament?


You want to be more influential and effective in your role so your ideas are listened to?


You’ve been promoted, and you want to navigate your new role effectively.


You’re doing great work but your team doesn’t recognize your value.


You’re tapped as a high potential individual, but your age and experience level prevent you from more leadership opportunities.

Leader Unlocked program is here to take your career to the next level. Whether you're looking to invest in yourself or accelerate your career, we are here to make you succeed.

Good news!



Investor and Entrepreneur

What will you learn?


Leader mindset

Inspire authority, build your confidence, and overcome imposter syndrome no matter what situation you’re in.



It’s never easy to give difficult feedback but you can deliver feedback in a way that your colleagues will gladly receive and value - this module shows you how.


Be an influencer

Consistently drive successful outcomes and create an influence roadmap you can seamlessly follow.


Goal Setting

Setting goals help leaders stay focused on what truly matters.- having a bigger picture, a vision that he or she wants to get to.



Learn how to present a message that resonates with any stakeholder and have the confidence to speak up and be heard.How to position yourself in the management and leaving behind an effect.


Get buy-in

Learn how to strategically build your executive presence and take action so stakeholders are excited to implement your ideas.

Key Take-aways

Hands-on experience
  • Get the skills, strategies, and community to accelerate your career and boldly claim your seat at the table.

  • Online coaching for women to empower you with the skills, frameworks, and tools required to be a confident leader and influence stakeholders.

  • 1:1 sessions specific to your needs


Participant should be working professionals, entrepreneur and any aspiring woman.


Date: Rolling basis (1:1 sessions)

Venue: Online/ remote

Total Sessions: 10 (90 mins each session)


INR 50,000

By signing up for Leader Unlocked Program, you're making a commitment to becoming a strong leader. You’ll develop the skills you need for a rewarding and impactful career, and perhaps, become a role model yourself.

Working Woman

The Purple Matter programs are simple and crisp. It is easily execute-able and practical. I want to soon try different programs.

Meera Jain, Founder


If you are interested in learning more about the MVP program, drop in a note.

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